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10 Years Of Experience!
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Ground Floor,Ramaji Complex, Memko More,Dhanbad ,Jharkhan

99Decor is a team of beauty lovers who know the value of little things in your lives. We understand that the threshold for your housing crosses its limits just as you reach its furnishing. To add to this, the decoration part pushes your budget out of bounds. This is where we want you to join hands with us. We will furnish your home with luxury and style that your pocket can accommodate. In short, 99Decor is your one stop to all decorative and home furnishing problems. With us, you transform your years to come, because we are desperate to assure you a lifestyle that resonates with your dreams. All you have to do is select your design, preferences and leave the rest to us.

Accommodate yourself in a place that deserves you. As an innovator in the field of decoration, we have slashed out the middle-men from increasing the price share from the decoration commodity you would buy from us.

As style and décor lovers we ensure that what comes out under the name 99decor is a top notch product in terms of quality. And to make this a reality, we have been staying up late to work hard and achieve what isn’t a reliable term nowadays that is ‘luxury in budget’. In short, 99Decor is your one stop to all decorative and home

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  • Ground Floor,

  • Ramaji Complex,Memko More,Dhanbad